1st Place Division
Daniel GuzmánAbsolut Winner
Renata GonzálezPre-Competitive
Lukas RuedaJunior
Eimy VargasTeen
Kamila RodriguezAdvanced
Emiliana FernándezProfessional
Kelly Colmenares and Gustavo AmayaBest Pas de Deux
Rosmary Cárdenas and Richard ReyesBest Assemble



He graduated in 1976, dancing at his graduation ceremony Pas de Deux from «COPPELIA» at the Kirov Theater (now Marinsky).

From 1977 to 1981 he was First Dancer of the National Opera of the City of Plovdiv. From 1981 to 1982 he was the First Dancer of the Arabesque Ballet. From 1982 to 1990 he was Dancer – Etoile of the Sofia National Opera. In 1990 he arrived in Venezuela invited by the Caracas National Ballet as First Dancer and Teacher. From 1991 to 1993 he was Artistic Director, Teacher and First Dancer of the Classical Ballet of Venezuela. In 1993 he was the First Dancer of the Youth Ballet of Venezuela. From August 1993 to 2001 he is Assistant to the Artistic Direction, First Dancer and Teacher of the Metropolitan Ballet of Caracas. He is currently a Professor at UNEARTE, Master of the Teresa Carreño Ballet of Caracas, Ballet Master in Endanza and the Ballet of the Americas Foundation. Graduate in Teaching, mention in Classical Dance and Postgraduate in Master’s in Latin American Theater.

He is currently the Artistic Director of the National Ballet of El Salvador


She began her dance studies at the Vilnius Ballet School, when she was 10 years old, graduating in 1976. That same year she joined the Lithuanian Ballet company, where she performed as a soloist until 1993. In 1980 she was also part of the Ballet company Neoclassical Vilnius, as prima ballerina and teacher.

In 1993 he traveled to Venezuela, residing in that country. In Venezuela she worked as a dance teacher and repertorist at the Nina Novak Classical Ballet Academy since 1994. In that same year, she began teaching classes at the Caracas Contemporary Ballet Company, under the artistic direction of María Eugenia Barrios.

In 1995 she was hired, as a dance teacher, at the Caracas National Ballet, now Teresa Carreño Ballet, under the artistic direction of Vicente Nebrada and later under the direction of Cristina Fungairiño. She participated in the Contemporary Dance Choreographic Laboratory in 1995, 1996, 1997 and 1998, in Caracas. With the National Ballet of Caracas he danced the roles of Lady Capuleto, in the play Romeo y Julieta; the Queen Mother in Swan Lake; and Vincent’s mother in the Van Gogh play; all with choreography by Vicente Nebrada.

She was a professor of Classical and Technical Repertory and Classical Dance Methodology at the University Institute of Dance of Caracas.

For his contribution to dance in Venezuela, he was awarded in 2001 and 2005, an honorable mention of the Municipal Dance Prize. She was academic deputy director of the National School of Dance-Núcleo Caracas from 2001 to 2004. In 2002 she was hired by the Emil Friedman School to hold the position of Advisor to the Classical Ballet Chair of said school.

In 2004 he graduated as a Ballet Master Coach from the Slavonic University Institute in Kiev.

She is the artistic director of the Lithuanian Ballet.


Founding member of the Keyla Ermecheo School Youth Ballet and the Metropolitan Ballet. In 1979 he obtained a scholarship for two years (80-82) to study at the Moscow Choreographic School, awarded by the Government of the former Soviet Union where he carried out studies to improve the Classical Technique, repertoire, pas de deux and dances of character. He is part of the Ballet Nuevo Mundo de Caracas with whom he tours the great cities of the world. In 1990 she was appointed Assistant to the Resident Choreographer and in 1991 she held the position of Assistant to the Venezuelan First Dancer Zhandra Rodríguez in the Artistic Direction as well as Dance Teacher of the Company. Since its creation in 1993, she has been at the forefront as Director, Teacher and Choreographer of the Ballet de las Américas Foundation.


Researcher and dance critic. Creator of university dance studies in Venezuela. Lawyer and Social Communicator graduated from the Andrés Bello Catholic University. Master in Cultural Management from the University of Barcelona, ​​Spain.

Professor of Dance History and Choreographic Analysis at the Central University of Venezuela and the National Experimental University of the Arts. Honorary Teacher of UNEARTE. Dance critic for the newspaper El Nacional. Founder and President of the Young Choreographers Foundation of Venezuela. Recognized with the National Culture Award 2010-2012 Dance Mention. Winner of the Municipal Dance Award of the Mayor of Caracas 1991, 2007 and 2010.


Former prima ballerina of the Municipal Theater of Rio de Janeiro, where she danced for 37 years. Ambassador of Dance, a title awarded by the Brazilian Dance Council, a body linked to UNESCO, in recognition of his international performances in theaters on four continents.

Her taste for dance began around the age of 4, inspired by her sister who was already studying ballet. She formally studied at the Ballet School of the Municipal Theater of Rio de Janeiro when she was eight years old and had Vera Mayer as her teacher. Six years later the teacher Halina Bienarcka awarded him a scholarship for 7 years.

In 1982 she entered the Ballet of the Municipal Theater of Rio and in 1985 she reached the position of prima ballerina. In 1993 she went on to work as a guest principal dancer at the English National Ballet and in 1996 he named her Guest Artist in Residence.

In 2006 Unesco invited her to join the International Dance Council, in recognition of her international career.

He shares with Ana Botafogo the artistic direction of the Ballet of the Municipal Theater of Rio de Janeiro.


He began his studies at the National School of Art «Cubanacín» and from the third year he was awarded a scholarship to complete his career at the Agripina Vaganova choreographic school in Leningrad, USSR, coming into contact with the different forms and styles of the Russian school . At the end of his studies, he became part of the National Ballet of Camagúey, interpreting various roles in both classical and contemporary choreographies. There he stayed for a year. The following year he joined the National Ballet of Cuba, with which he traveled the five continents interpreting the main roles of the extensive repertoire of the BNC, being worthy of excellent criticism in all places. Some of his professors during their academic training were, in order of learning, among others: Alexander Sergueievich, Puschkin, Josefina Méndez, Ana Petrovna Sajjacva, Victor Mijaiiovlch, Tulublov Semenon, Solomonovich, Caplan …

His professional debut: 1969 Soloist category: 1972 Principal dancer category: 1974 Principal dancer category: 1976 He has been a guest artist at: Ballet de Bellas Artes, Mexico; Alvin Ailey Dance Theater, U.S.A; Arenas de Cimiez Festival, France; International Ballet of Caracas, Venezuela; Ballet of the Municipal Theater of Rio, Brazil. Getting great successes in each country, both from the public and from the critics. Its extensive repertoire includes main roles of the great traditional classics, as well as choreographies of current creation both by Cuban choreographers and other countries, among them we could mention: Mijail Lacopson, Russia; Anton Dolin, U.S.A; Braim Mac-Donald, Canada; Híla Reveros, Chile; Alberto Méndez, Cuba; Lic D’Laire Belgium; Atilio Lavís, France; Elsa Marianne Bone Rossen, Denmark; Alberto Alonso and Alicia Alonso, Cuba.

He has been a partner of Alicia Alonso, playing alongside her roles such as: «El Torero de Carmen», «Dido Abandonada», and of his own creation, «Roberto el Diablo and» Cleopatra «.


Graduated from the Nina Novak Classical Ballet School and Contemporary Dance Teacher at IUDANZA Founding member and principal dancer of the Caracas National Ballet (Teresa Carreño) until 1988. She was a counter-figure to Alexander Godunov, Vladimir Vasiliev, Ekaterina Maximova, Rudolph Nureyev , Fernando Bujones, Zhandra Rodríguez, Julio Bocca among others.

In 1988 she founded the Neodanza company of which she is its Artistic Director and Choreographer. Founder of the Experimental Workshop of Performing Arts (1991). Among her teachers in Contemporary Dance we can mention Jeremy Nelson, David Zambrano, Osmani Téllez, Alexey Taran among others.

In 1996 he received the Municipal Dance Award, Caracas, Venezuela. The same year she received as director the award of an Artistic Creation Residence in Kampnagel in the city of Hamburg, Germany. She participated with Neodanza twice in the V and VI Rencontres Choreographiques de Bagnolet in Paris. In 2007 he received the Municipal Dance Award with an Honorable Mention as «Best Show» at the Improvisation Festival.

In 1999, he created and directed the Improvisation Festival (annual), a Neodanza en la calle project, which seeks to intervene in urban spaces and encourage cultural exchange and cooperation between artistic communities in different locations.

From that same year until 2018 he worked as a teacher of Contemporary Dance, and Assembly Workshop at the Experimental University of the Arts, UNEARTE, Venezuela.


Actor and dancer from the city of Manizales, for 7 years he was a dancer and leader of the contemporary dance body and space seedbed at the University of Caldas. Dancer and teacher for 8 years at Olga Lucia Dance Studio. In 2016 he developed the project «identities» at the University of Guadalajara – Mexico. Dancer for two years of Viraje Compañía.

Invited to different academic and cultural activities in different cities of Colombia and in countries such as: Mexico, Guatemala, Salvador and Peru.

He is currently working on projects, cultural and training activities such as:

Itinerant virtual dance school in Manizales for people with physical disabilities in the lower extremities – «dance for all»

I Can From Home Program supported by the Manizales Institute of Culture and Tourism and the Manizales Mayor’s Office.

Winner in the departmental program of cultural initiatives for cultural entities and agents 2020.

Guest teacher to the On-Line festival Rescuing art in pandemic 2020