1st Place Category
Siney Dugarte
Pieza Juego de Niñas
Nueva Era del Ballet


Laleska Seidel
Black Swan Variation
Escuela de Ballet María Teresa Alford

Teem (Diamond Mention)

Agenline Montes
Kitri Variation 3rd Act
Centro Integral de Danza


Esthefany Di Camillo
Black Swan Variation
Centro Intergral de Danza
Radharani Persaud
Raymonda Variation
Ballet de la Mar

Master (First Place Tied)

Isabella Salas y Lorena Flores
Bary Ballet

Classical Duo

Esthefany Di Camilo and Jacobo Velázquez
Black Swan Pas de Deux
Centro Integral de Danza

Classical Pas de Deux (Diamond Mention)


Rumen Ivanov Rashev

He graduated in 1976, dancing at his graduation ceremony Pas de Deux from «COPPELIA» at the Kirov Theater (now Marinsky).

From 1977 to 1981 he was First Dancer of the National Opera of the City of Plovdiv. From 1981 to 1982 he was the First Dancer of the Arabesque Ballet. From 1982 to 1990 he was Dancer – Etoile of the Sofia National Opera. In 1990 he arrived in Venezuela invited by the Caracas National Ballet as First Dancer and Teacher. From 1991 to 1993 he was Artistic Director, Teacher and First Dancer of the Classical Ballet of Venezuela. In 1993 he was the First Dancer of the Youth Ballet of Venezuela. From August 1993 to 2001 he is Assistant to the Artistic Direction, First Dancer and Teacher of the Metropolitan Ballet of Caracas. He is currently a Professor at UNEARTE, Master of the Teresa Carreño Ballet of Caracas, Ballet Master in Endanza and the Ballet of the Americas Foundation. Graduate in Teaching, mention in Classical Dance and Postgraduate in Master’s in Latin American Theater.

He is currently the Artistic Director of the National Ballet of El Salvador

Pablo Chiossone

Founder and director of the 1st Ballet School in Merida, during Cesar Rengifo’s tenure as Director of Culture.

Lawyer from the ULA in July 1960.

Ballet Nena Coronil 1957, private student of Vicente Nebrada.

Creator of the Taormina Guevara Ballet Foundation, Barquisimeto, Lara State.

By Order of the Ministry of the Secretary of the Presidency, resolution 015 05-14-91 Member of the Superior Council for the Youth Ballet of Venezuela. Grupo Teatral Lara, Professor of the Biomechanics subject.

Taormina Guevara Ballet, Professor of Dance History, Barquisimeto, Lara State.

Patricia Fiorucci

Ballet studies course at the Gustavo Franklin School. I am part of the National Ballet of Venezuela under the direction of Zhandra Rodríguez. In 1991 he entered the Classical Chamber Ballet, directed by Master Nina Novak. Course practical studies in the Direction of Production of the Teresa Carreño Theater. Director of the Project of the School of Professional Dance Training. He has received periodic training in Classical Ballet teaching methodology. In 2004 he assumed the General Production of the National Festival of Ballet Schools. Parallel to her work as Academic Director of the Professional Dance Training School. In 2010 he started the Caracas Classical Ballet Contest Project. In 2013 she was invited to be part of the jury of the Dance Competition “Challenge to Movement, an event with a long tradition in Venezuela where more than 500 modern and urban dancers meet. In 2014 she was awarded the Municipal Dance Prize of the City of Caracas.

Carlos Paolillo

Researcher and dance critic. Creator of university dance studies in Venezuela. Lawyer and Social Communicator graduated from the Andrés Bello Catholic University. Master in Cultural Management from the University of Barcelona, ​​Spain.

Professor of Dance History and Choreographic Analysis at the Central University of Venezuela and the National Experimental University of the Arts. Honorary Teacher of UNEARTE. Dance critic for the newspaper El Nacional. Founder and President of the Young Choreographers Foundation of Venezuela. Recognized with the National Culture Award 2010-2012 Dance Mention. Winner of the Municipal Dance Award of the Mayor of Caracas 1991, 2007 and 2010.


Blanca YAjure

Graduated from the Taormina Guevara Dance and Ballet Academy. In 1986 he traveled to Havana-Cuba. Take a specialized professional practical course directed by the National Ballet of Cuba. Already in Venezuela, Teresa Carreño entered the ranks of the Caracas National Ballet as a dance corps. He interprets the repertoire of Maestro Vicente Nebrada performing as a soloist. Participate in international and national tours. From 1993 to 1995 she was invited by the Florida Ballet. In 1998 he joined the corps of soloists of the Contemporary Ballet of Caracas. In 1999 Teresa Carreño returned to the National Ballet of Caracas. It is worth highlighting in this period the work with the choreographer of Contemporary Dance Luz Urdaneta in the piece Zona Desconocida.

She obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Classical Dance Teaching and in 2002 she was invited by Master Butviliene to join the founding teaching body of the National School of Dance ENDANZA, the country’s Comprehensive Professional Training Center for Dance. Thanks to her experience, she receives the opportunity to prepare different groups of the School and the Company as an Essayer in the seasons of The Nutcracker under the guidance and direction of Master Cristina Fungairiño.

Carmen Vercelli

At the age of 16, he began his career as a teacher in the discipline of Ballet. She obtained a scholarship at the Inter-American School of Ballet. She participates in different public presentations. In 1995 she obtained the title of Dancer and Teacher issued by the Municipal Education Office of the Federal District Government. In 1980 the Government of the Federal District granted him recognition for his collaboration in benefit of teaching in the Ballet area. Since 1991, she moved to the Anzoátegui State to dedicate herself to teaching ballet. Together with Martha Ildiko they create the Fundación Proyecto Caribe Danza and join the Centro Integral de Danza. In 1999 he graduated his first class of classical dancers. He is currently President of the Centro Integral de Danza Foundation, combining it with his activity as a Ballet de la Mar Teacher. He has received awards of different kinds in Anzoátegui, highlighting among them the Recognition of the Rainbow Dance Workshop by means of a plaque and a function in his honor. Anzoátegui State State School, plaque and function in his honor. Dances Anzoátegui, plaque and function in his honor.

Martha Ildiko

She began her studies in 1978 under the direction of Martha Annette Ríos, a former member of the International Ballet of Caracas, now Ballet Nuevo Mundo de Caracas, and at the Instituto Superior de Danza de Caracas. In 1980, he entered the American Ballet Center, the official school of the Joffrey Ballet. In 1983 he joined the ranks of the Teresa Carreño Ballet. In 1987 he joined the Ballet Nuevo Mundo de Caracas. In 1989 he founded the State School of Dance and Ballet and the Integral Dance Center. It also forms the Fundación Proyecto Caribe Danza. In 1997 he choreographed a complete version of Piort Illych Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker. In 1999 he graduated his first class of classical dancers. In 2000 he worked with Maestra Nina Novak and her Classical Chamber Ballet. In 2004 he held the 1st Technical Training Workshop for Young Beginners on the Island of Margarita. The Ballet de la Mar Foundation was born from this initiative. In December 2004, its version of The Nutcracker Ballet premiered in Margarita. In June 2005 the Ballet de la Mar makes its debut. In 2006 and 2008 he traveled to New York to teach classical technique workshops at the Nunnbetter Dance Theater. He currently directs the Ballet de la Mar Foundation.

Oswaldo Garcia

In 1997 he began acting studies with the Teatro Al Horno group of the Dr. Armando G. Puccini Institution. In 1999 he participated in acting workshops at the Theater Teaching Unit of the Universidad de los Andes. In 2000 she began studies of Contemporary Dance at the FAAULA Dance Unit. It is part of the Eclectic Experimental Group. She works with the dance theater group Movimiento Libre. In 2001 he was part of the Danza Terpres Foundation under the direction of Master Mireya Tamayo, participating in numerous events. Recognition from the Indonesian Embassy and the University of Los Andes for their valuable collaboration and participation wearing traditional clothing in the Cultural Presentation held on the occasion of the 11th Cultural Week of the Republic of Indonesia in July 2008. Participated in the interdisciplinary pilot project De Cara to the City in 2003. Bachelor of Visual Arts graduated from the Faculty of Art of the University of Los Andes in 2009. Student of postgraduate studies Master in Ethnology, Faculty of Humanities of the University of Los Before.

Vanessa Lozano

She has been part of the companies Espacio Alterno, Rajatabladanza, Dramo, Plan Cero, Six son six, Danzahoy, Río Teatro Caribe, Neodanza, Acción Colectiva and Lapuesta.

She has served as a teacher since 1995 at the Instituto Superior de Danza de Caracas, Colegio Santiago de León de Caracas, Contradanza Research Workshop, University Institute of Theater, University Institute of Dance, National Experimental University of the Arts of Venezuela and Ecuadorian Ballet Of camera

She received the Municipal Dance Award for best dancer in 2006, and for best show in 2008 for the unipersonal En cuatro pieces. He has a degree in Social Communication, UCAB, 1990. He is an instructor of the Pilates Mat Technique, certified by the Physicalmind Institute of NY, Bogotá branch.

Carolina Avendaño

She began her studies at the School of Dance and Ballet of the Universidad de los Andes (Mérida-Venezuela) in 1983. Her professional training as a dancer, performer and teacher of dance is based on the concept and philosophy of the Corearte Integral School; created and directed by Master Noris Ugueto and Master Carlos Orta. Since 1991 he has been part of the Corearte Professional Company, getting involved in all the artistic and educational productions of the same within and outside our borders. He has participated in international tours (Germany, Italy, England, United States, Macedonia, France, Aruba, Mexico, Trinidad and Tobago, Guadeloupe, Paraguay, Qatar and Chile). Since 1998 she has been part of the Corearte Foundation and currently remains as a dancer-teacher of it. She resides in the City of Mérida and directs El Proyecto Zaranda and the School for the Training of girls, young children and adults.