How can I participate in PDL?

  • First, complete your registration to reserve your spot. Record your video and send it to us along with the requirements for your participation to be valid. Remember to follow the Rules and Regulations.

What is the deadline to submit my video?

  • June 26, 2021 at 12 pm Venezuelan time.

Can I participate if I am not in Venezuela?

  • This competition format allows participants from all over the world.

If I don’t have a video yet but I want to save a spot in the competition, what should Ido?

  • Having made your registration, your space is already reserved, but remember to respect the deadline for sending the video.

How can I pay if I don´t have PayPal?

  • In the “Registration” tab you will find a link to the Payment Methods available for the competition.

If I want to participate do I have to register through my school?

  • No, in this edition of PDL the entries are made individually or personally. However, if your school wants to collect all the Registration fees and apply jointly, we need to be informed in advance to send them the specific instructions for this case.

Can I participate with an ensemble of 5 or more participants?

  • Yes, the ensambles have no limit of participants.

How many routines do I need to compete?

  • In this edition of PDL there is no limit of routines per participant. The only requirement is to follow the categories allowed by Division.


Can I record the video with my cell phone?

  • Yes, as long as the video has high quality and complies with our Rules and Regulations. If you have any questions, you can send us a short video test to [email protected] and we will let you know if it has the quality required.

Can I use a video that I did not record for PDL?

  • No, this is grounds for disqualification. Please check our Rules and Regulation relating to the Participation Video.

After I post a video, can I submit more videos?

  • Yes, each piece that you present must be registered one by one, attaching its video in the Google Forms form «Registration of pieces and video reception». One spreadsheet per piece.
Can I send videos longer than the allowed time?
  • Any video longer than the allowed time will be disqualified.

Can I send videos shorter than the allowed time?

  • Yes

Can I send a variation of the repertoire that lasts longer than the allowed time?

  • Only if it belongs to the repertoire established by PDL.

Can I record my participation video through an App like Tiktok?

  • The use of this or similar platforms will be grounds for disqualification of the video.

The Rules and Regulations mention the video must be “full-length body video, with only fixed frontal shots.” If my limited space does not allow this, how can I solve it?

  • In this specific case, in which the available space does not allow the ideal recording of the routine, the camera can move to register the dancer but you must take great care for the shot to be always visible and full body and the video format must remain horizontal at all times. The dancer will ONLY be allowed to move between two (2) adjoining spaces. It is important the camera movements don´t affect the complete and clear visualization of the dancer´s performance, to facilitate the Jury´s evaluation.


If we are sending an ensemble video and we are NOT all in the same place, can we edit the video?

  • Yes, you can, because there is no other way to record an ensemble with participants who do not share the same physical environment. It is the ONLY exception in this regard.

If we are sending an ensemble video and IF we are all in the same place, can we edit the video?

  • If all the participants are in the same place the video cannot be edited. This will lead to the disqualification of the video.

Can I edit a Solo video if the space is small?

  • This will lead to disqualification of the video. The Contest Rules establish that the video “must-have full-body fixed frontal shots


Can I do any classic variation?

  • It must be within the Repertoire (hyperlink), which was expanded to give more possibilities to our participants.

What should I do if I download music that has applause?

  • You cannot use music with applause or that has been edited damaging the quality of the audio. This leads to the disqualification of the video.

Can I wear a costume?

  • As of this year, the use of a uniform or costume is allowed.

Can a dressing shirt be used as part of the men´s contemporary wardrobe?

  • They can use both flannels and shirts.

Can I use any element in my contemporary choreography?

  • Of course! You can use items such as a chair, a hat, a shirt, etc., in the same way as for example, in the Kitri variation of Act III a hand fan is used.


How will the routines be evaluated?

  • Each participation video will be evaluated individually.

If I can only record at home, how will my routine compare with the one of someone who records in a classroom?

  • All these elements are taken into account by the Jury when evaluating to guarantee fair and accurate decisions.


If I don´t have a good internet connection, how can I take the classes offered in the competition?

  • All the classes will be taught through the ZOOM app. If your internet connection is not good enough to do the live class, please let us know and we will send you a Youtube link available for two days to access the recording of the class.